Issues in Society

I've taken my fair share of women's studies courses, sociology courses, and liberal studies courses. All of these classes have brought to light how truly complicated and intricate human nature and society really are.  The topics I've covered in these classes have been pretty interesting- I've learned about how race and gender are portrayed in the media, I've learned about the arguments for and against gay marriage and abortion, I've learned about the links between poverty, education, and race, and I have critiqued pop culture through a feminist lens. Before I took these courses, I had no idea about binaries and the actual fluidity of gender and sexuality. I wasn't aware of the poverty cycle or the injustices people of color have faced. I wasn't aware of how flawed the U.S. education and prison systems are. It's eye opening, really.

I think the topics relating to issues in society are extremely important and relevant considering there are so many issues concerning equality and discrimination for the LGBTQ community and people of color happening RIGHT NOW. To be educated about the issues in society and to take courses to learn about the different kinds of people in the world and how they may be disenfranchised and oppressed is giving you a worldview that is more inclusive to everyone. It is also important to look at how privileges and barriers are in place for certain groups in our society and how that effects the kind of treatment and advantages they may have. I honestly wish that more people could have the education I've had because then maybe there wouldn't be so much bigotry and ignorance in the world. Just saying.