Arts Wisconsin Blog: Learn More About Allie Schaitel

  • How have you been involved with the arts? 

My involvement in the arts started out very casually, with no expectation for serious involvement. I loved art class in high school and I especially enjoyed doing film photography and acrylic painting. My serious interest didn’t bloom until I fell in love with an artist the summer between my senior year of high school and my first year of college. That relationship brought many adventures both making art and seeing art, opening up my eyes to a world that’s inspiring, influential, and emotional. I found learning about art, making art, and being immersed in cultural events to be utterly satisfying experiences. This personal involvement has branched into a professional involvement I’ve based my education and future plans around. Now, I write for a visual art publication called Beautiful.bizarre Magazine, I occasionally volunteer at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, I assist the director of the Crossman Gallery at the University of Wisconsin: Whitewater, and now intern at Arts Wisconsin. (On top of all this, I study arts management at Whitewater. ) To have this intersection between my personal and professional life is both fulfilling and exciting.

  • What has been your favorite arts experience in your life so far? 

In March 2015, I interviewed artist Maria Teicher for I had been following her work for a few years and was inspired by her realistic portraiture. I corresponded with Maria over email and Facebook, going over her work/life balance, her inspiration, social media, and her future plans. In the article published on the Beautiful.bizarre website, we announced her second solo show at her representing gallery- Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After the article was published, Maria kindly invited me to her show and offered me a place to stay for the weekend. It was amazing to see a new city, hang out with legitimate artists, and experience Maria’s opening night.

  • What’s your favorite arts activity in your community? 

I’m always very impressed with what the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art does, especially the Art Fair on the Square. It’s incredible to walk around the square and see such a variety of awesome artists. The MMoCA also has movies on its rooftop over the summer and artist lectures that are fun to experience.

  • Why are the arts important to you?

I wholeheartedly believe the arts have transformative powers. The arts express more than words can alone, cutting across barriers. The arts help bring together different types of people from different backgrounds, they are uniting. They foster an incomparable connection between humans and offer an opportunity to inject deep meaning and important content into the world that can calm the senses or ignite passion. The arts can create and capture memories, take over the imagination, and propel social change. The arts are important to communities, for education, for development, for culture, and for personal growth.

  • Why is Arts Wisconsin important to you and to Wisconsin? 

I believe in Arts Wisconsin’s mission to raise awareness of the value of arts, to strengthen the Wisconsin arts industry, and to build the opportunities for members of the arts industry to thrive.  (Advocate, Communicate, Educate, Facilitate, Sustain) I believe the support of the creative economy is essential to building a thriving, wholesome community. As a Wisconsinite, policies local lawmakers and community leaders create directly affect me as a citizen. Building a stronger creative economy and advocating to bring the arts into communities can only benefit this state.

  • What is your favorite thing about being involved with the arts?  With Arts Wisconsin?

My favorite thing about being involved with the arts is the opportunity to collaborate, communicate, and interact with other arts enthusiasts and artists.

My favorite thing about being involved with Arts Wisconsin, specifically, is the opportunity to work closely with Anne Katz, who is knowledgeable and experienced in arts advocacy. On top of her knowledge and experience, Anne’s enthusiasm and energy is exciting to be around. I have a great feeling that this internship will teach me valuable lessons and lead me to great things. Only good can come of this.