"Allie Schaitel is like a honey bee landing on an open azalea- delicate, smart, graceful, dangerously beautiful, and somehow both fuzzy and soft and sharp all at the same time. Her wit is loaded with brevity, and her eyes are a sleek bluegray. Behind those eyes is the brain of a woman who not only loves and appreciates art, but gets it. I spent one summer afternoon walking around an art museum with her and for the first time in my life I was not only compelled to try and understand art, but I was taught how to enjoy it. Allie has a gift for bringing out the best in those she's near, and when that gift is coupled with art-the thing she loves most- then a miracle no less spectacular than the bee and the azalea comes about." - Jeremy Brooks, writer and fellow student at UW-Whitewater

"Allie is one of my best friends, and truly one of the best people I ever have and probably ever will know. She is down to earth, has a heart of gold, a sarcastic sense of humor, love for art and the humanities, and a curious mind. I love how she relates to art in its many forms and inspires others to see art in our everyday lives. I have a drawing she created hanging in my apartment and each day it reminds me of Allie - a beautiful soul, great friend, and outstanding human being." - Samantha Steinbring, glorious human and Marketing Specialist Extraordinaire

"I've worked with a lot of people in my time as a photographer and Allie stands out as one who always has a standing invitation to walk through my door and try anything. This is not only because she's creative and has some amazing ideas but she also approaches everything as a professional. It's amazingly easy to work with Allie because she's done her homework before she shows up, gets right to work and still manages to make any collaborations easy and fun. I can't praise her enough, but the amazing amount of times she appears in my work should hopefully convey some of what I lack in ability to put into words." -Steffen Francisco of Purple Tinted Prints

 I have known Allie since August 2015 when she first enrolled at UW-Whitewater and I became her program advisor. Though I have not had Allie in class, the work she has done in sculpting her own major here at UW-Whitewater demonstrates exceptional qualities. Allie is dedicated, diligent, intelligent, organized, creative, reliable, personable, self-motivated, open to correction, and eager to learn. When Allie enrolled at UW-Whitewater, she declared a Liberal Studies major, as that seemed to be the best fit at the time. Hence, she was assigned to me, as I advise Liberal Studies majors. However, after talking to Allie in our first meeting, it became evident that her focus was much more nuanced than what the breadth of the Liberal Studies major provides. Her minor is Arts Management, and she wanted her major to compliment that minor with Art and Humanities courses that would have direct bearing on the minor (her actual passion) rather than going in an unrelated direction. Thus, I proposed that she create her own major using our “Individually Designed Major” option. She seized the opportunity and began working on the application that was required to get such a major approved by a review committee. The application included developing a written rationale for the major as well as a detailed course of study plan that would constitute the major taking into consideration all the stated objectives and rules for an Individually Designed Major. The major she created and developed is called, “Art, Communication, and Society,” which hones her skills to communicate about the arts in light of various social dynamics. She completed the application efficiently and timely, and it was wonderfully crafted. Allie was also eager to make her application the best it could be as she addressed and incorporated my constructive criticisms into her plan without hesitation; we met several times through the editing process where we had great conversations about the ideas and writing of the proposal. Her application was accepted and approved by the committee with flying colors, and “Art, Communication, and Society” is now Allie’s new major. Allie’s work on this was exceptional – a model application. Allie presents herself with utmost professionalism and is a joy to converse with on practically anything." -Christopher Calvert-Minor , Associate Professor of Philosophy at UW- Whitewater

"Unique is the word that comes to mind to describe Allie. I have known Allie for just over a year now and I have gained knowledge on the world of arts. Allie is very passionate about art, whether it is photography, paintings, talking to different artists, or just teaching others what she knows. Allie is one of my employees and as in the arts, she is very dedicated and hard working. She makes balancing life, work, and school look so easy. She is always so cheerful and has a hilarious sense of humor." -Andrea Perrin, Service Manager at BMO Harris Bank